WTFC is an incarnation of a relaxed blend of cultures, styles, opinions and outlooks, of a modern, cosmopolitan way of life, the chic of a changing, ever integrating world free of borders, inhibitions and rules very much reflecting the point of view of its four founders.

WTFC positions itself as an underground venture primarily due to its refusal to participate in the cliché ridden, self-congratulatory world of fashion weeks, and promotion and advertising gimmicks and the demands on so many mass produced or mass marketed labels to clone themselves and stagnate due to commercial pressures. As part of the mainstream, a label forgets its basic principles. With an accent on  quantity it gets forced to (or allows itself) to abandon three core ideas so important to WTFC – quality, comfort, individuality.

Our designers have always put the emphasis on one essential truth vital to self-expression in the modern world – a labels’ clothes should not be a shell encasing, sealing in, undermining and cutting off the wearer from the outside world but, on the contrary, the wearer, imbuing any item with his/her own individuality, personality and style, should be able to emphasise his/her uniqueness and underline his/her personal qualities reflected in his/her choice of clothes. The clothes we wear should be an instrument of our own self-expression, where who we are is above and well beyond the needs for recognition and notoriety of the designer, or the commercial agenda of the label. This perhaps the reason which explains why White.Trash.for.Cash customers are made up of some of the most confident, ambitious and successful people.

WTFCs creators draw direct parallels between the energies at work in Moscow, and their own clothes – both are infinitely open to new trends and tendencies, both encourage self-expression, both are multi-faceted and glamourous and  both are, in the best sense of the word, verging on the provocative…

WTFC is recognized internationally for the quality of its cloth, the technique of its stitching, the originality of its lining print, and its senses of humour and harmony. Each garment wraps you in self confidence while also lending a level of familiar, almost home- comfort that makes you always feel at one with yourself – a factor particularly important in the pulsating, devouring swirl of the modern metropolis.

The most important thing is, our designers insist, to be able to let your hair down, to relax oblivious to the constant requirement to maintain for the outside world a certain level material and social status.  To be able to find and express your true self and not to be drowned out by the milling crowd.